skating photography

2010 Evening with Champions

Tenley Albright and
Dick Button
Debi Thomas and
Tenley Albright
Sarah Hughes
Janet Lynn
Peggy Fleming
Kitty and Peter
Sarah Hughes and
Jason Wong
JoJo Starbuck and
Dorothy Hamill
Paul Wylie Dorothy Hamill and
Paul Wylie
Marissa Castelli and
Harvard Krokodiloes
Castelli and Shnapir Castelli and Shnapir
Donlan and Speroff Emily Hughes Emily Hughes
Evora and Ladwig Evora and Ladwig Amanda Evora
Gregory and Petukhov Ross Miner Ross Miner
Ross Miner Kim Navarro Navarro and Bommentre
Curran Oi Curran Oi The Shibutanis
The Shibutanis Jason Wong Zhang and Toth
Zhang and Toth Ice Theater of NY Team Excel