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Madame Martine Breaks the Rules
(Whitman, 2015)

A "warm, gentle adventure"
— Publisher's Weekly


All Kinds of Families
(Whitman, May 1, 2016)

40th anniversary edition of Norma Simon's classic, with all new illustrations and updated text.

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Madame Martine
(Whitman, 2014)

— Kirkus Reviews


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Feathers: Not Just for Flying
written by Melissa Stewart
(Charlesbridge, 2014)

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Uncle Bobby's Wedding
(G. P. Putnam's Sons, 2008)

"What a joy! Being an actual 'Uncle Bobby' myself, I'm thrilled that Sarah Brannen's beautiful and moving tale has arrived just in time for the young, twenty-first century reader."
— Robert Sabuda




At Home in Her Tomb
written by Christine Liu-Perkins
(Charlesbridge, 2014)

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The Very Beary Tooth Fairy
written by Arthur A. Levine
(Scholastic Press, 2013)


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The Pig Scramble
written by Jessica Kinney
(Islandport Press, 2011)

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The ABC Book of American Homes
written by Michael Shoulders
(Charlesbridge, 2008)

"Broad spaces, small figures, precise architectural details and clean, straight lines give Brannen's art in this alphabetical gallery of housing an elegant simplicity. "
— Kirkus Reviews

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Digging for Troy
written by Jill Rubalcaba and Eric H. Cline
(Charlesbridge Publishing , 2011)

"Elegant illustrations mimicking Greek red-figure pottery are lovely and appropriate." - School Library Journal, starred review


The Fox and the Grapes
(Sterling, 2014)


The Pied Piper of Hamelin
written by Kathleen Olmstead
(Sterling Publishing, 2014)

The Ugly Duckling
written by Diane Namm
(Sterling Publishing, 2012)











Educational Books

Educational books:
Sarah's Journal (Teacher Created Materials, 2013)
Rosa Parks
(Pearson Leveled Reader, 2012)
A Tale of Three Clues (Options Publishing, 2006)






"Skating world mourns loss of visionary Billings" icenetwork, September 2016

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"Weir lights up Evening with Champions" icenetwork, September 2014

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"Skaters, Coaches Reflect on Marathon Bombing" icenetwork, April 2014

"Advice for today's Olympians, from Olympians", January 2014

"My Boston: Castelli and Shnapir" Skating Magazine cover story, December 2013

"Olympic apparel to keep Team USA on trend", December 2013

"Anchorman 2", December 2013

"Cousins Stages Another Show", December 2013

"Eager Farris Battles Nerves before Skate Canada", October 2013

"Protopopovs not letting age slow them down", October 2013

"Rocket Man: High-flying Aaron soaring toward Sochi Skating Magazine cover story, Aug/Sept 2013

"Brown's biggest fan? Why, Arsenio Hall, of course,", September 2013

"How to succeed as a young choreographer,", August 2013

"Synchro community comes to aid of injured skater,", August 2013

"Skaters at an exhibition: the show must go on,", July 2013

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"For the long haul: Simpson and Blackmer," Skating Magazine, June/July 2013

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"Boston Skaters, Coaches Recount Harrowing Day", April 2013

"Cohen Shares Horror Story from Finish Line", April 2012

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"Are you afraid of the loop?", June 2012

"Synchronicity", June 2012

"New Program to Star Ross Miner as Errol Flynn", June 2012

"Workin' for a Livin'", May 2012

"An Element of Drama", May 2012

"Finding a Partner", May 2012

"Beyond Carmen", April 2012

"State Dept. names Lysacek Sports Envoy", April 2012

"The Fourth Dimension", March 2012

"Man in the Mirror: Ross Miner" Skating Magazine, December 2011

"Come Celebrate!" Skating Magazine, November 2011

"Yuna Kim Wows Crowd at Evening with Champions", October 2011

"Kerrigan, Harding get rock opera treatment", July 2011

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"Skating Club of Boston Building for the Future", June 2011

"Denney, Barrett out of Four Continents", February 2011

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"Skaters show support for NOH8 initiative", January 2011

"Evora, Barrett Announce Engagement", December 2010

"Abbott Taking New Steps in New Season", July 2010

"Rippon to Get Romantic in Upcoming Season", June 2010

"Shibutanis to Make Senior Debut With a Smile,", June 2010

Ashley Wagner: "I Love Skating Again" cover story, Skating Magazine, June/July 2010

"Gregory, Petukhov working with Plushenko,", March 2009

"Pigs Fly, Again" cover story, Skating Magazine, February 2009

"Miner surprises himself with US Junior Title,", February 2009

"Oi, Rizo Face Big Decisions,", February 2009

"Making Music, Making History" Boston Singers' Resource November 2007

"Skating Greats Create Magical Night" Skating Magazine, November 2007

"Friends Rally for Iveta" Skating Magazine, October 2007

"Scott Smith: Dues Paid" Skating Magazine, October 2006

"Priscilla Hill: Life's Work" Skating Magazine, October 2005

"Smile at the Judges" Yellapalooza, June 2005

"Dummies for Smarties" Writing for Success Magazine, January 2004

Illustrations and Photos

"How the Havasupai Came to Be," illustrations. Appleseeds Magazine, July 2008

"Spider Woman Weaves the Map of the Universe," illustrations. Appleseeds Magazine, April 2008

Two Moon Princess, cover, Tanglewood Press, 2007

"Safe," illustrations. CicadaMagazine, February 2007

"Planets Maze," illustration. Appleseeds Magazine, January 2007

"A Writer Is Born," illustrations.  Appleseeds Magazine, May 2006

Photos, Skating Magazine, 2005, 2006, 2007

Photos, Spotlight on Skating Magazine, September 2005

"Honey from the Hive," illustration, 2004 Children's Writers and Illustrators Market

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